Bahá’í Fund

The Bahá’í Fund supports programs around the world; volunteers and maintenance at the Bahá’í World Centre, shrines, and other holy places in Israel; building and maintaining new temples; supporting teaching efforts and conferences. Shoghi Effendi referred to the fund as the “lifeblood of the Cause.” The Bahá’í Faith needs financial resources for administration and action, just as any large organization.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá says that Bahá’ís “should contribute to the extent possible, however modest their offering may be. God doth not burden a soul beyond its capacity.” Your participation is more important than the quantity you contribute. Practicing selflessness by contributing to the Bahá’í Fund helps you focus on the community and the world beyond yourself. Remember that only Bahá’ís can contribute to the Bahá’í Fund. This restriction is a unique aspect of the Bahá’í Faith that emphasizes the importance of every Bahá’í to contribute. Contributing to the Bahá’í Fund is a privilege with spiritual significance.

You can contribute to the Bahá’í Fund in many ways:


At the nineteen-day Feasts (held for each Bahá’í month)


At Bahá’í Holy Day celebrations


Through your Local Spiritual Assembly


Online at the Bahá’í Fund website


By mail


Through your parents

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