Bahá’í principles make it clear that Bahá’ís should help advance their community, country, and the world. There are many ways to do this. You can support Bahá’í activities, participate in online communities, and find local community group activities. These websites provide learning opportunities and ways to connect with other likeminded youth.
Bahá'í World Centre

Bahá’í World Centre

The Bahá’í World Centre is in Haifa, Israel. Pilgrims visit the beautiful gardens, shrines, historical sites, and administrative structures throughout the year. Volunteers and Bahá’í Fund contributions from around the world maintain the Bahá’í World Centre.

Bahá’í Schools

Three permanent Bahá’í schools in the United States operate year-round and offer classes on diverse themes such as spiritual transformation, racial unity, equality of women and men, environmental stewardship, and Bahá’í writings and history. You can attend courses and volunteer to help maintain the schools.


Bosch in Santa Cruz, California

Green Acre

Green Acre in Eliot, Maine


Louehelen in Davidson, Michigan

There are also summer and winter Bahá’í schools throughout the United States. Your Local Spiritual Assembly can provide information about these.

Bahá’í References

This website is the official online Bahá’í library. It has the major writings by The Báb, Bahá’u’lláh, `Abdu’l-Bahá, Shohgi Effendi, and the Universal House of Justice. You can read them online or download them.

This independent website documents Bahá’í writings and scholarly work about the Bahá’í Faith.

Baha’i Blogs

These active blogs can connect you with a wider community beyond your local Bahá’í community. They cover Bahá’í news, music by Bahá’ís, videos on Bahá’í topics, Bahá’í resources and topics that cover art, spirituality, society, science, and current events.

Bahá’í Stores

Bahá’í-related books and music can be difficult to find. These online stores are the best places to find what is currently available.

Additional Resources

If your local Bahá’í community is small, these organizations will help you find opportunities to participate in the broader community through organizations with goals similar to Bahá’í principles.

American Red Cross

The mission of the Red Cross is to prevent and relieve suffering through disaster relief, supporting the United States military families, blood donations, health and safety services, and international services. There are many ways you can become involved with The Red Cross and make a positive difference.

Habitat for Humanity

This Christian organization builds homes for lower income families regardless their race or religion. Working with this Habitat for Humanity is a great way to serve those in need, meet other like-minded people, and learn carpentry, electrical, and other skills.

Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy, one of the United States’ leading conservation organizations, works to protect land and water. It offers numerous ways you can participate and learn about environmental conservation practices.

Sierra Student Coalition

This group is a grassroots environmental organization that started over a hundred years ago and helped pass the Clear Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. It has a program for high-school and college-aged youth to become informed and run effective environmental protection campaigns.

Soul Pancake

This YouTube channel’s videos will entertain and make you think about topics like art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality, and humor. Rainn Wilson, a famous actor who is also a Bahá’í, founded Soul Pancake. He won an Emmy for playing Dwight Schrute on The Office and has been in such movies as Galaxy Quest, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and Super.


This website has a comprehensive directory of opportunities for students in grades 7-12 including STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) focused activities, gap year, pre-college, summer, and community service programs. These programs enable youth to engage in meaningful projects, locally or abroad.

The Humane Society

The Humane Society is the nation’s largest animal protection organization. It emphasizes safety and respect for all animals.

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