By Joan Bauer, Speak (June 2, 2005)

rules_of_the_roadRules of the Road is a novel that shows how alcohol addiction affects the people around the addict. Jenna Boller, an awkward sixteen-year-old, has a great job at Gladstone Shoe Store. Jenna has a younger sister, an alcoholic father, and a hard working mother. Her father has left and returned to their lives multiple times. He always brings conflict and disappoint with him. Jenna is ready to get out of town because her father has recently returned to her neighborhood. She accepts an invitation from Madeline Gladstone, the president of Gladstone Shoes, to drive her on a cross-country trip to try and save the business from Mrs. Gladstone’s son. Jenna learns many life lessons on the journey including ways to handle her alcoholic father. Jenna does not drink alcohol, but it still had a strong negative influence on her family and life.

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