Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice

Claudette Colvin demonstrates how a teenager had the will and strength to stand up for justice. Most people know about Rosa Parks’s refusal to give her bus seat to a white passenger in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955. Most people don’t know that Claudette Colvin, a fifteen-year-old, did the same thing nine months earlier.

Wounds of the Father

Wounds of the Father is a powerful memoir that shows how drugs and alcohol are dangerous substitutes for what we lack in our lives. Elizabeth Garrison’s life seemed perfect from a distance, but she experienced a difficult childhood dealing with teenage drug addiction and overcoming sexual abuse.

Positive: A Memoir

Positive shows how to confront being bullied and support victims of bullying so that you can be a source of unity. People are bullied about almost anything, and this often includes things they can’t control: name, appearance, abilities, or even a disease they have.

Finding Your True North

Finding Your True North reveals how destructive bulling can be. Bahá’í principles direct us to strive to be a source of hope and unity, not of sadness and disunity. One out of four students is bullied every day in the United States.

Creating Excellent Relationships: The Power of Character Choices

Creating Excellent Relationships, written by a Bahá’í, explains why character compatibility is important in building and maintaining long-term relationships. It can help you develop your own positive character traits and learn how to identify those traits in a potential partner with guidance from experts and religious sources.

Being a Teen

Being a Teen explains the science behind the changes experienced as a teen and provides the scientific knowledge for understanding and handling the personal and social challenges. Jane Fonda, the celebrated actress, has advocated for years about teen issues.

Fasting: An Exceptional Human Experience

This book illustrates how science and religion are in harmony and how a personal challenge such as fasting can produce beneficial results. Randi Fredricks, a doctor who researched the transformative effects of fasting, explores the history and the spiritual, psychological, medical, and political importance of fasting.

The Supreme Remedy

Whether you are finding the Fast rewarding, refreshing, or frustrating, The Supreme Remedy will provide additional insights into the experience.

Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road is a novel that shows how alcohol addiction affects the people around the addict. Jenna Boller, an awkward sixteen-year-old, has a great job at Gladstone Shoe Store.