Bully Target

I grew up in Florida with Bahá’ís parents and siblings. My twin and I wore thick glasses and were shy into our early teens. We stood out from others and were obvious targets for bullies in school.

Friendliest Person

The Bahá’í principles of unity made it clear to me from a young age that I did not want to be a part of bullying or gossip. Avoiding gossip and backbiting was a constant effort starting in middle school when that was what all the kids did.

Gossip Rift

I grew up in New York, was very active in sports, and had friends who took sports and school seriously. I found it difficult to resist joining the backbiting and gossip. It was so common.

Positive: A Memoir

Positive shows how to confront being bullied and support victims of bullying so that you can be a source of unity. People are bullied about almost anything, and this often includes things they can’t control: name, appearance, abilities, or even a disease they have.

Finding Your True North

Finding Your True North reveals how destructive bulling can be. Bahá’í principles direct us to strive to be a source of hope and unity, not of sadness and disunity. One out of four students is bullied every day in the United States.

Easy A

East A is a comedy that reinforces Bahá’í principles by demonstrating how it is best to avoid bullying and gossip. Olive feels anonymous in her high school. That changes when she tells a lie about losing her virginity to impress some friends.


Bully is a documentary about bullying in the United States will help you see why and how each person must choose to reject negativity. It focuses on how bullying affects five students and is a revealing look at bullying’s frequency, intensity, and effect.