Orange Juice

I grew up in Maryland. No one in my Bahá’i family drank alcohol or used drugs, including my brother. I experienced a lot of peer pressure to drink alcohol and use drugs.

Pulled by the Current

I grew up in North Carolina and left home to go to a Bahá’í high school in Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada. While there, I was surrounded by Bahá’í youth and appreciated the inclusiveness and the sense of higher purpose among my friends and classmates.

The Spectacular Now

The Spectabular Now illustrates how it is easier not to start a bad habit than it is to stop a bad habit. Sutter Keely, a high school senior, has a seemingly perfect life. He is popular, confident and has a job he likes.

Augusta, Gone

Augusta, Gone shows how drugs and alcohol do not fix problems but create new problems. Augusta, a teenage girl, lives with her younger brother and single mother.

Wounds of the Father

Wounds of the Father is a powerful memoir that shows how drugs and alcohol are dangerous substitutes for what we lack in our lives. Elizabeth Garrison’s life seemed perfect from a distance, but she experienced a difficult childhood dealing with teenage drug addiction and overcoming sexual abuse.

Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road is a novel that shows how alcohol addiction affects the people around the addict. Jenna Boller, an awkward sixteen-year-old, has a great job at Gladstone Shoe Store.