Friendships and Dating

I grew up in Florida with Bahá’ís parents and siblings. I had a close group of friends and was well liked in middle and high school. I found dating very difficult as a teenager.


My family moved to a new area, Colorado, when I was a teenager. I was quite different from most of my classmates and had trouble fitting in.

Bully Target

I grew up in Florida with Bahá’ís parents and siblings. My twin and I wore thick glasses and were shy into our early teens. We stood out from others and were obvious targets for bullies in school.

Friendliest Person

The Bahá’í principles of unity made it clear to me from a young age that I did not want to be a part of bullying or gossip. Avoiding gossip and backbiting was a constant effort starting in middle school when that was what all the kids did.

Gossip Rift

I grew up in New York, was very active in sports, and had friends who took sports and school seriously. I found it difficult to resist joining the backbiting and gossip. It was so common.

Orange Juice

I grew up in Maryland. No one in my Bahá’i family drank alcohol or used drugs, including my brother. I experienced a lot of peer pressure to drink alcohol and use drugs.

Pulled by the Current

I grew up in North Carolina and left home to go to a Bahá’í high school in Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada. While there, I was surrounded by Bahá’í youth and appreciated the inclusiveness and the sense of higher purpose among my friends and classmates.

College Roommate

I grew up in North Carolina, was active in the Bahá’í community, and had good Bahá’í friends as a youth. My roommate in college had never heard of the Bahá’í Faith and asked her church pastor about it.

Soccer Coach

I grew up in a Bahá’i family with one brother. I started playing soccer in 2nd grade and loved it. I was captain of my team. During middle school, I was drafted to the highly competitive travel team.

Fun Fast

I grew up in Maryland with Bahá’i parents and sibling. My parents made the Fast appear fun by approaching it happily and making great food. I thought it was cool, and I approached it willingly.